Study Tips for Exam Success

One exam strategy may be effective for others but not for you. This is why I always teach my students to find study techniques that are suitable for them. There are actually many resources online where you can find some study tips and strategies and you can try using them to see if they work […]

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How to Achieve Writing Success

As you may have already known, the writing test is one of the most difficult sections in the IELTS exam. I have used a wide variety of teaching approaches and lessons just to help my students increase their chance in passing this section. I came across this article about the tips in passing the writing […]

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Brain and Memory Boosting Food You Should Not Ignore

I’ve always believed that what we eat can significantly influence our physical and mental health. When we eat unhealthy food items, it increases our risk for a wide variety of ailments. However, eating healthy foods can nourish our body and help us become healthy. There are brain and memory enhancing food and beverage items can […]

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